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The list of avaliable surgeries


Cataract is a common progressive age related disorder of eye in which clouding of the natural transparent lens occurs. It can also occur due to trauma, diabetes, certain medicines or exposure to ultra violet rays.
It cannot be cured by any medicine or glasses & gradually causes loss of vision if untreated.

Surgery is the only effective treatment for cataract. Surgery is aimed at removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with choice of Intra Ocular lens (IOL).

At Vibgyor Vision we perform sutureless small incision. Phaco-emulsification & insert foldable IOL. Various choices of IOL are available like Aspheric, Toric, Multifocal, ICL (Phakic IOL).

Our aim is spectacle free life for everyone.


Glaucoma (or Kala Motia) is a "Silent thief of vision" as it may go un-noticed in early stages and can cause significant vision loss before it is detected. Vision loss is irreversible.

In glaucoma the pressure of eyes increases and it causes damage to the optic nerve resulting in decreased visual activity.

Patients may experience

*Headaches along with redness of eyes.
* Colorful halos around bulbs
* Rapidly changing glass prescriptions
* Episodes of blurry vision & pain in eyes.

At Vibgyor Vision we aim at early diagnosis of glaucoma to prevent vision loss. To confirm diagnosis pressure test (by applanation tonometer), gonioscopy, perimetry (field testing) is done & OCT , Pachymetry is advised.
Medicines & eye drops are customized according to the patient’s stage of glaucoma & severity of vision loss.

Surgeries done to control glaucoma include laser iridotomy & trabeculectomy

Dry Eye Clinic

Dry eye means deficiency of tears that cover the cornea. It can be due to increased evaporation of tears or decreased production . In today's world where the screen time has significantly increased dry eyes and associated conditions are a common problem.

At Vibgyor Vision, we do a detailed evaluation of corneal surface, meibomian glands and tears to find out the cause of dry eyes. Holistic approach is used for treatment including lifestyle changes advice, eye drops, punctal plugs etc.

Diabetic Eye Diseases Management

At Vibgyor Vision we advice yearly eye check up of all diabetics and hypertensives to rule out retinopathy. Our aim is early diagnoses and treatment to have best possible visual outcome. We offer intravitreal anti - VEGF or green laser treatment.

Refractive Errors

Normal eye focuses light rays on macula which is the most sensitive part of retina . If these rays are defocussed it causes various refractive errors-

Myopia-Distant vision is out of focus.
Hypermetropia - Near objects are blurry.
Astigmatism - Objects look distorted.

Most of the children develop full functional vision by 6 years of age and refractive errors in children are very common. Each child should have dilated retinoscopy and vision check-up to 3-5 years . Uncorrected refractive errors may lead to blurry vision, decreased school performance, amblyopia and even Squint.

At Vibgyor Vision , we aim at early diagnosis and correction of refractive errors by doing vision test by Snellen's Chart, Auto refractometer and dilated retinoscopy. Glasses are prescribed and if Amblyopia (sub- normal vision) is noted appropriate therapy with patching of eye and Synaptophore exercises are advised.

Uveitis / Infectious Eye Diseases

Uvea is a middle coat of eyeball and depending upon part of uvea involved it can anterior, intermediate, posterior or pan uveitis.
Uveitis is an immune reaction to antigens and seen in various eye infection as well as auto immune diseases.

At UV we aim at comprehensive eye examination including dilated fundus evaluation, blood investigations and micro biology to come at diagnosis . Various treatment modalities including oral steroids, steroid injections around and in the eye & if required newer immuno suppressant drugs are used to treat the condition.

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